ArCHEE (HistDiv)

When exploring news archives, a key requirement of historians is to get an overview of their search results initially. To address this problem we developed a novel retrieval model - HistDiv - which ranks articles according to historical relevance. ArCHEE was designed to show how HistDiv and various other state-of-the-art retrieval models coupled with time-lines and entity filters can help users explore large news archives better.

Search Demo

Wikipedia Curation Assistant

Based on the recently published paper by Fetahu, Anand and Markert, we developed a simple interface to help curators identify potential Wikipedia articles (and the corresponding section) that need updating based on the current news.

Curation Assistant

News Ex

Exploring a long running news story can be daunting when you have access to only a news archive. In this demo, we show the canonicalization of news articles from the GDelt dataset to a Wikipedia article about a long running news story and visualize the edit history in conjunction with the publication history of the retrieved articles to provide the user with new insights.

News Ex Demo


A flower based visualization of arbitrary structured text corpora. Assuming we can divide the text collection into categories, we generate and visualize the characteristic topics of each category, the general topics of the collection and topics that connect categories.


HereMaps on Github

To showcase the HERE Maps JS API, we developed a gallery of examples and short demos. The idea of such a showcase was to give developers quick code snippets and previews for common use cases. The examples are loaded automatically from the continuously updated HERE Maps Examples repository.

Examples Demo


LearnWeb is a search and sharing platform that has been developed by several students over the last couple of years at the L3S Research Center. As a bachelor thesis intern, research assistant and mentor, I've developed and overseen the addition of new features, UI enhancements, redesigns and code maintenance.


I build with ...

  • Java+Javascript
  • JSF
  • Node.js
  • Express+Restify
  • Backbone.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Elasticsearch/Solr/Lucene

I try to be a good TA for ...

I help students with assignments and chip in with lectures too when required.

Ph.D. in Information Retrieval mentored by Dr. A. Anand and Prof. W. Nejdl 2015 - present
M.Sc. in Internet Technologies & Information Systems 2012 - 2014
B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering 2007 - 2011