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 This work is in progress, and I will present the general approach and ideas, as well as This work is in progress, and I will present the general approach and ideas, as well as
 the current status of the work. the current status of the work.
 +=== Detecting Health Events on the Social Web to Enable Epidemic Intelligence (Marco) === 
 +Content analysis and clustering of natural language documents becomes ​
 +crucial in various domains, even in public health. Recent pandemics such as Swine 
 +Flu have caused concern for public health officials. ​
 +Given the ever increasing pace at which infectious diseases can spread globally, ​
 +Officials must be prepared to react sooner and with greater epidemic
 +intelligence gathering capabilities. There is a need to allow
 +for information gathering from a broader range of sources,
 +including the Web which in turn requires more robust processing
 +capabilities. To address this limitation, in this paper,
 +we propose a new approach to detect public health events
 +in an unsupervised manner. We address the problems associated
 +with adapting an unsupervised learner to the medical
 +domain and in doing so, propose an approach which
 +combines aspects from different feature-based event detection
 +methods. We evaluate our approach with a real world
 +dataset with respect to the quality of article clusters. Our
 +results show that we are able to achieve a precision of 62%
 +and a recall of 75% evaluated using manually annotated,
 +real-world data.
 ===== Jan 21 ==== ===== Jan 21 ====
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