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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[:​start|Main page]]**\\
 +**[[/?​do=recent|Recent changes]]**
 ==== Technique & Administration ==== ==== Technique & Administration ====
-[[l3sintern:​How to publish on this wiki]]\\+[[l3sintern:​How to use this wiki]]\\
 [[l3sintern:​Video tutorials]]\\ [[l3sintern:​Video tutorials]]\\
 [[https://​ |Technical Support]]\\ [[https://​ |Technical Support]]\\
 [[l3sintern:​applications|Available commercial software at L3S]]\\ [[l3sintern:​applications|Available commercial software at L3S]]\\
 [[l3sintern:​marketing|Web Pages, Posters, ...]]\\ [[l3sintern:​marketing|Web Pages, Posters, ...]]\\
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 [[l3sintern:​Seminars and Colloquia]]\\ [[l3sintern:​Seminars and Colloquia]]\\
 [[l3sintern:​available_data_sets_to_play_with | Datasets]] \\ [[l3sintern:​available_data_sets_to_play_with | Datasets]] \\
 +[[l3sintern:​cluster_and_data | Cluster and Data]] \\
 [[l3sintern:​Research Interest Groups]]\\ [[l3sintern:​Research Interest Groups]]\\
 [[l3sintern:​Training | internal Training]]\\ [[l3sintern:​Training | internal Training]]\\
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