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How to Make Good Presentations

If you use a paper, start howtomakeslidesoutofthepaper

  1. Take the time to rehearse your presentation (at least 3 times, up to 10). If it is too long
    • eliminate material
    • keep a copy of the full presentation on this Wiki
  2. Leave time for questions
  3. “Flashing” slides is bad style. In general 15 slides (including the title/intro and conclusions) is plenty for a 30-minute talk. Thus about 2 minutes per slide should be calculated
  4. Organize your presentation to present a story logically. Emphasize key points
  5. Leave graphical figures up for a long time while you talk, textual material should be reduced to a minimum - nevertheless everything what you want to say has to be on the slides
  6. To check legibility view slides on your computer's monitor from 4 meters away. Graph axis labels should be legible!
  7. Don't use more than 3-5 colours per slide (does not hold for pictures)
  8. Light fonts on dark backgrounds are good for textual material, but scientific graphs often work better on a light background. A sharp contrast should be given between background and figures/text
  9. Keep the backgrounds simple - one colour or a gradual fade
  10. Avoid light colours like yellow as these sometimes do not appear in the conference room lighting conditions
  11. Avoid unnecessary presentation animations, although animations of content (movies) can be very effective and sometimes a short animation can act as a better explanation of a behaviour
  12. Additionally take a look on this important points

However always think at the people, who will attend the presentation.

  • Think, which background knowledge they already might have, try to make your talk interesting for them.
  • Think, which questions could arise from your talk. Practice, practice, practice. You have to know, what your next slide is about. You have to know, where to speed up and what could be explained in more detail in case there will be more/less time for you.

Good luck!

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