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DB Compass: Supporting Navigation through the Keyword Search Results in RDBMS

Real world objects stored in relational databases are typically distributed over a number of database tables. Retrieval of the data stored in a database requires knowledge of the database schema as well as data retrieval language (e.g. SQL), which makes data access difficult task for unskilled users. The aim of this project is to support efficient navigation through the database content using keyword search. DB Compass, which will be implemented during this project, will provide a web-based user interface for the keyword search and navigation in relational databases. In the first step, the user will issue a keyword query to a relational database using DB Compass web interface. In response to the query the database will perform keyword search over its full-text indexes and return a set of tuples containing specified keywords. Thereby the link structure of the database schema (PK/FK relations) must be reflected in the data instances presented to the user, such that the user can easily navigate through the retrieved data to obtain more context information. For example, consider a database containing three tables:

  • movie (movie_id, title) {123, “Harry Porter”}
  • actor (actor_id, name) {789, “Daniel Radcliffe“}
  • movie2actor (id, movie_id, actor_id) {1, 123, 789}

Keyword search for “Harry Porter” over all attribute values in this database will deliver the following tuple from the movie table: (123, “Harry Porter”). However, this tuple does not contain the context information implied by the query. In order to allow the user to collect additional information available for this movie (in this case actor name), the system will offer the user the following navigation links: (123, “Harry Porter”)→ (1, 123, 789) → (789, “Daniel Radcliffe“) based on the PK/FK relation in the database scheme.

In this project we will use the following methods and tools:

  • Object oriented programming in Java
  • SQL
  • Tomcat application server
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • Eclipse IDE
  • UML documentation
  • JUnit


Bitte Namen und E-Mail Adressen eintragen

A. Bartölke Qualitätsmanagement Java Basics
Iryna Oelze (Drema) Projektleiter Entwicklungswerkzeuge und Supporttools
Su Ling Lee System Architektin Requirements & Testen
Yan Guo GUI Frameworks
Hui Song Datenzugriff
Wei Chen Programmieren & das Web


First meeting:  October, 17 at 14:00. Location: Appelstrasse 9a, 15th floor.

Weekly meetings:  Friday 5 p.m. (starting from October, 26). 


1. Introduction

Basic papers:

  • V. Hristidis and Y. Papakonstantinou. Discover: Keyword search in relational databases. In VLDB, 2002.
  • S. Agrawal, S. Chaudhuri, and G. Das. DBXplorer: A system for keyword-based search over relational databases. In ICDE, 2002.
  • A. Nandi, H. V. Jagadish: Assisted Querying using Instant-Response Interfaces. In SIGMOD 2007.
  • Search for other related literature.

1st milestone: 26/10/2007 - Report articles read.

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